YUI: Open Hours Thurs Dec 1st

By YUI TeamNovember 29, 2011

YUI 3.5.0 Roadmap

Now that YUIConf 2011 is over (and it was awesome!), the team is back to the grindstone, working on 3.5.0.

We've outlined the high level goals for the release, and we can talk about some of them, but what we'd like to focus on in this Open Hours are some new methods for sharing and engaging with the community in the design phase of this work. In particular, you'll see more Pull Requests and Gists from the YUI team to forecast new development and steer ongoing development on our respective development forks and branches.

Here are some of the current ongoing discussions that are open for your feedback:

We'd like to get your feedback in these forums, your own gists and pull requests, and your suggestions for other ways that we can make 3.5.0 the most transparent and collaborative release yet!

Time & Details

We'll be online on Thursday from 10am to 11am PST.

Join the Meeting


The recording is available in the YUILibrary YouTube channel.