YUI: Open Hours Thurs Feb 23rd

By YUI TeamFebruary 21, 2012

Tired of Ant? Check out buildy

YUI community superstar Eamon Brosnan (aka mosen) has been working on a build framework called buildy that he hopes will provide an alternative to Apache's Ant. Here's the sexy part: it's written in JavaScript on Node.js, so for frontenders, that makes assembling and maintaining build processes a snap.

The project started with the goal of creating a fast, extensible replacement for YUI Builder that had an API in a familiar language. Seeing that a lot of people are invoking Uglify and JSLint or JSHint or some combination of existing Node.js based tools for their projects, he set out to create a framework that can standardize how those tools talk to each other, and give implementers a way to easily add more tools into the mix.

Join us to talk about the current state of development, the existing feature list, get an overview of the API, roadmap, and how you can help.

If there's time, while we have Eamon on the line, we'll also talk about his ybuild project, a command line utility for preparing YUI components.


The recording is available in the YUILibrary YouTube channel.