YUI: Open Hours Thurs March 22nd

By YUI TeamMarch 19, 2012

3.5.0 Preview Release 4

If all goes well with the final steps in the deployment process upgrade, 3.5.0 PR4 will be available on the CDN this Wednesday the 21st. With PR3 having been stalled, PR4 will be a big release, seeing lots of progress from PR2 in DataTable, Panel, Calendar, the App framework, and other components. There is also a lot of new documentation, and some major improvements and additions to the example suite.

Join us for a quick overview of some of the high points of the release, and remember, this is the last preview before the 3.5.0 final release, so what you see is very likely what you'll get in 3.5.0.

Plan B

In the unlikely event of a water landing (aka, the deployment upgrade isn't finalized yet), we will jump ahead to next week's Open Hours topic—spoiler alert!—and review all the awesome example updates Jeff Conniff and Eric F have packed into the release so far.


The recording is available in the YUILibrary YouTube channel.