YUI 3.5.0 PR4 Is Now Available

By YUI TeamMarch 21, 2012
YUI 3.5.0 PR4 Illustration is adapted from a photo by Michael Myers (@Fristle on Flickr)

YUI 3.5.0 Preview Release 4, the last preview before the official release, is now available to the developer community for feedback and testing on the Yahoo! CDN at yui.yahooapis.com/3.5.0pr4/build/yui/yui-min.js, or as a download if you plan to test it locally. As previously noted, we are simultaneously releasing PR3 and PR4 and actively seeking community feedback against PR4 now.

The rollup of 3.5.0 changes introduced up through PR4 is available on our GitHub Wiki. You can also take a look at the lists of resolved tickets for PR3 and PR4.

Work-in-progress user guides and API docs for 3.5.0 can be found on our staging site, but beware that these docs may be incomplete or even broken until the official release. Official docs for the latest stable release can always be found on our production site, yuilibrary.com.

A few items of note in this release:

  • The old (3.4.1) Uploader and DataTable modules have been deprecated in lieu of new replacements and are now available as uploader-deprecated and datatable-*-deprecated, respectively.
  • Button underwent a significant refactoring. Please take a moment to check out the new API and file any issues in our bug tracking system.
  • WidgetButtons, which adds support for buttons in a Panel has been significantly improved.
  • A new event submodule, event-contextmenu has been introduced.
  • Calendar has been made keyboard-navigable and accessible, and calendar navigation now supports disabled button states.
  • Uploader's queue management has been refined, and UploaderFlash now supports keyboard navigation.
  • App.Transitions has added cross-fade and slide transitions to Y.Apps.
  • Y.Handlebars has been fully and thoroughly documented.

To file bugs against this release, please visit our bug tracking system. If you'd like to provide input on these and future modules, the ongoing discussions on various topics relating to the 3.5.0 release are happening on our GitHub wiki.

We plan to release 3.5.0 final in mid-April. Happy testing!