YUI: Open Hours Thurs May 10th

By YUI TeamMay 9, 2012

YUI 3.5.0 Uploader

Uploader was another component that saw a major upgrade in 3.5.0. Of the many changes, one big one was the addition of support for native features in browsers supporting HTML5.

Join us for a discussion with its author, Allen Rabinovich, in which we'll talk about how Uploader is structured, some of the challenges with modern techniques that needed to be addressed, and what's on the roadmap for upcoming versions.

Time & Details

We'll be online on Thursday from 10am to 11am PDT.

This week, we'll be trying out Google Plus Hangouts on Air, so the audio and video feed will be through G+, and we'll be monitoring chat in the #yui IRC channel on freenode.

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