YUI: Open Hours Thurs May 31st

By YUI TeamMay 29, 2012

Twitter Bootstrap, Powered by YUI?

Twitter Bootstrap has been wildly successful since its debut a year ago. It has a nice consistent look and fills many gaps web developers get stuck in when getting started with a new site or project. As you probably know, its JavaScript layer is based on jQuery. But is that a hard requirement?

YUI Community member J. Shirley decided to find out, and with a little help from Juan Dopazo and other YUIers, created the YUI 3 fork of Twitter Bootstrap.

It's certainly an interesting product, worth checking out, theming, forking, and contributing to. But in this hour, I'd like to not only have J and Juan introduce the product, but also talk about the process of adapting it from jQuery—what were the easy parts, complicated parts, and if there were any broader learnings they want to share.


The recording is available in the YUILibrary YouTube channel.