YUI: Open Hours Thurs June 28th

By YUI TeamJune 27, 2012


That's right. TreeView. It's been a long time in the coming, but the initial drop of the TreeView widget is now available in a special out-of-cycle, totally breaking our own rules, 3.6.0 PR3.

TreeView's user guide and API docs are available on our Staging site:

Every new component brings its own set of challenges, and TreeView has been no different. In addition to questions about how we would structure the class, we didn't even have the available resources on the core team to bang it out. So Gonzalo Cordero stepped up and worked with Satyen, Allen, and others on the team to make it happen for 3.6.0.

There were some snags and some scheduling troubles that resulted in the code not making it into PR2, but we decided that it was important enough that we could bend the "no new features after PR2" rule to finally ship it.

Gonzalo will be joining us to give a walk through of the API, architecture, and initial set of features. If you've been waiting for TreeView, please join us!


The recording is available in the YUILibrary YouTube channel.