YUI TreeView Beta Moves to Gallery

By YUI TeamJuly 18, 2012

A few weeks ago, we have released an out-of-cycle YUI 3.6.0 PR3 that contained a new widget, the YUI TreeView. The purpose of that release was to expose the TreeView to the wider developer community and solicit feedback and testing. We received great responses from quite a few community members -- and even some pull requests with contributed features!

Most often, modules that have been released in a PR are nearly polished and have the quality that affords them a spot in the core of the library. Unfortunately, based on our internal discussions and all the feedback that we received, we decided that the TreeView is not quite ready for prime time. As it stands, it still needs a number of essential features and some clarifications in its architecture.

We are aware of many requests for the TreeView in the community, but we strongly believe that we have an even bigger responsibility to guard the top-notch quality of the library core. For that reason, we will not be merging the TreeView PR3 branch into the main YUI source tree, and we are cutting the PR4 and the later GA release without it. Instead, we have moved the TreeView, in its current state, to YUI Gallery, where we'll continue developing it and getting it ready for a future move to the core of the library. Here are the relevant pieces: