Announcing YUI 3.6.0

By YUI TeamAugust 1, 2012
YUI 3.6.0

We are happy to announce the release of YUI 3.6.0, now available on CDN or as a download.

Among the highlights in this release are:

  • Significant boost in automated unit test coverage and an all-new suite of extensive automated example tests.
  • Improvements to the YUI App Framework: RESTful HTTP Model/ModelList sync layer, new LazyModelList, and improved handling of hash-based URLs in the Router.
  • New features and improvements for the Uploader (file filtering, direct file list access, finer-grain control over request headers and properties).
  • A variety of bug fixes and improvements to the Graphics module.
  • Awesome new examples that include the Burger Builder, Store and Drag Handle.

The list of issues addressed in 3.6.0 is available in our bug tracker. Additionally, you can check out the change history rollup for all components in the library.

We invite you to join the ongoing development discussions happening with the team over on GitHub. For support, visit our forums, or join other YUI developers live in the #yui channel on (a web client is here).

As we have forecast before, from this point on, we are transitioning to shorter releases. The roadmap for the next release will be available shortly. Stay tuned!