A summer with the YUI team

By YUI TeamAugust 6, 2012
I started my first day as the fresh YUI intern, not knowing at all what I was getting into, let alone contribute. How could I understand the internals of such a powerful, battle-tested library in such a short period of time? What could I possibly offer to a library built by JavaScript developers with years of experience more than me? Most importantly, where did my $() go? Helping me ramp up to speed most during those early days would be my manager Jenny Donnelly and Principal YUI Engineer Dav Glass. They helped me get introduced to the team and quickly got me up to speed by showing me how to set up my Git workflow. On that very first day, I pushed my very first contribution to YUI, which was fixing a grammatical mistake in the documentation. I was a little bit proud of that first commit. Over the next several weeks, I worked with different engineers on the team on many different aspects of YUI. Reid Burke and I worked on getting Windows support out for Yeti, the YUI testing framework, which got me working with Node.js on a completely new level. I worked with Satyen Desai and Derek Gathright on a few complicated tests where we would have to simulate gesture events. Finally, I worked with Eric Ferraiuolo on doing some completely new things for the YUI App Framework, leading to a few of my own Gallery contributions of ModelSync.Local and ModelSync.Socket. In these two months, I was able to learn a lot about not just JavaScript and YUI, but even about some of the best practices in software development, especially when working on a widely used project with a few, but extremely talented, people. I'm very thankful to both Yahoo! and the YUI team for giving me this opportunity and making it such a memorable experience. I'll definitely be more active within the YUI community, and be contributing more to YUI and the Mojito framework in the future. I really hope that these few short months are just be the beginning of my contributions to the library, so definitely expect to see more pull requests and Gallery modules from me!