YUI Weekly - Aug 10th, 2012

By YUI TeamAugust 10, 2012
  • This week we began Sprint 1 of our 3.6.x release cycle, and you can find all assigned tickets here. Themes are development with Event, Graphics, ScrollView, and Uploader, as well as general bug fixes. If you have any contributions, please submit any pull requests by Aug 31st, and as always, the sooner the better for inclusion into a release.

  • We'd like to welcome three new additions to the team. Anthony Pipkin (@apipkin), Ren Waldura (@rw0), and Tilo Mitra (@tilomitra). Tilo was our intern during the previous two summers, and is now back for good as a full-time engineer. We're also excited to welcome Anthony, a long-time contributor to the project. Finally, Ren is a current Yahoo who will be joining us as a product manager, in addition to his current PM role with the Mojito team. Welcome!

  • We bid farewell to Clarence Leung (@clarler), our summer intern from McGill University in Montreal. We had a great time working with him and appreciate all his valuable contributions over the summer. You can read his recap at A summer with the YUI team. Thanks Clarence!

  • We're currently working on a new module for color conversion and color attributes, tentatively called Y.Color. Take a look at the proposal and leave any comments on the gist if you have thoughts.

  • New Additions to YUI Theater this week:

  • We have a few notable pull requests submitted this week. Browse through the contributions and leave comments if you have any thoughts or suggestions. We love all pull requests, big & small!

  • YUI's Reid Burke will be in attendance at the Bangalore HackDay event this weekend. So if you are hacking and need some help, give him a shout!

If you have anything interesting to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks!