YUI: Open Hours Wed Sep 12th

By YUI TeamSeptember 11, 2012

Deferreds, Promises, Transactions, and the future of IO

A year or more ago, Eric F and I started a design discussion about IO's API. I proposed some ideas for a different (I'd like to say improved) interface for not only IO, but potentially for Y.Get, Y.jsonp, Y.YQL, and other transaction related stuff in the library. The gist has hung around this long, waiting for some spare time to recover where we left off, and that time may have come.

I issued a pull request the other day that would introduce promises into YUI, a concept adopted by dojo, jQuery, and other libs. The discussion is still open, and promises would only address one part of the proposed IO API update, but it is movement in that direction.

So we're going to talk about the pull request, how deferreds and promises work, and how they might fit into the future of transactions in YUI.

Format and Schedule Change

I want this to be more of a community discussion, ala github pull request comments, so we're going back to Google Plus Hangouts on Air this week. Comment on this blog post or ping @yuilibrary, @ls_n, or @ericf on twitter if you want a G+ invite. Otherwise, the conversation will be live streaming and you'll be able to watch it here, or on our YouTube channel.

Please mic up and join us!

We'll be online on Wednesday from 12pm to 1pm PDT.