YUI 3.7.0pr4 - Minor patch

By YUI TeamSeptember 14, 2012

Tuesday we released YUI 3.7.0pr2 and encouraged everyone to test it thoroughly, and you did! YUI 3.7.0pr4 is now available and contains a last minute fix for an issue that was found in yesterday's release. It's on the Yahoo! CDN (and as a download), and our Staging website has the updated documentation.

Issue Resolved in 3.7.0pr4

I recently fixed an issue in Shifter to properly support license comments (/*!) and that was part of the 3.7.0pr3 release yesterday. However, one file didn't get minified correctly (ticket #2532753). So I fixed that up as soon as I got word of it (fixed commit) and quickly deployed 3.7.0p4 with only the one file changing.

Keep Testing and Reporting Any Issues

Please update Shifter to the latest version (npm -g i shifter) and continue your testing with 3.7.0pr4. Be sure to report any issues you find ASAP. We are still planning to cut the next production-ready release of YUI on Tuesday September 18, 2012.