YUI Weekly - Sept 14th, 2012

By YUI TeamSeptember 14, 2012
  • With 3.7.0 on the horizon, we pushed three additional preview releases to the CDN this week, pr2, pr3, and pr4. Thanks to everyone who helped out with testing and feedback.

  • If you're a YUI core developer, you should be using Yeti. Check out Reid Burke's post, YUI & Yeti, to get started. Reid is working to make using Yeti with YUI even easier.

  • Kevin Lamping threw together an awesome video tutorial that introduces YUI's use() and add() methods. If you also feel inspired to create some screencasts, absolutely let us know and we can help out with topics, tips, and review. Thanks Kevin!

  • 17 pull requests from the community and team this week. Thanks for the contributions everyone, and keep 'em coming! Worth noting, if you want to contribute to the project but are unsure of where to start, documentation and examples are a really easy ways to get involved. You can find all the examples and user guides in each component's docs directory, and Selleck is a tool that fires up the documentation server on your local machine.

  • This week, Yahoo released Istanbul, a code coverage tool written in JavaScript. Dav Glass is experimenting with using it inside yui-coverage instead of the current Java tool. If that happens, the final Java dependency in YUI's development toolset will be gone, making YUI development the way it should be, JavaScript top-to-bottom! As we've seen with Shifter, the less Java in our stack, the less JVMs are needed, and the faster development becomes.

  • With YUI Weekly becoming our outlet to recap weekly updates, Open Hours is undergoing a bit of a format shift and will move to a less rigid, more impromptu schedule to host more casual discussions that are live-streamed via YouTube. This week, Luke and Eric hosted a discussion about Luke's Y.Deferred pull request and the video is now on our YouTube channel.

  • JSRosettaStone is a great tool for JavaScript developers who are experienced with either jQuery or YUI, and want to learn the other. While the YUI version is relatively recent, the jQuery examples sit at an ancient 1.4.2. So if you are a knowledgeable jQuery developer, we'd love to see some work done to modernize it. If interested, fork it on Github and send a pull request.

  • New/Updated modules in the Gallery this week: nmresizer, itsatoolbar, datatable-checkbox-select, idletimer, and bottle.

If you have anything interesting to share, please leave a comment below. Thanks!