Announcing YUI 3.7.0

By YUI TeamSeptember 18, 2012
NOTE: Be sure to update to the latest patch release: 3.7.2
We are happy to announce the release of YUI 3.7.0, now available on CDN or as a download. The documentation on the website has been updated as well! Releases will be coming more often now, as we transition to a shorter release cycle. Highlights for this release are:
  • Significant performance improvements (up to 3x!) in Event through both runtime and memory optimizations. More details in our previous blog post.

  • ScrollView has undergone a major refactoring and includes new features such as Forced-Axis, Dual-Axis, and Right-To-Left support. For more details view the release notes.

  • The App Framework has some additional features, including Server Rendered Views support, and Route Specific Middleware for Router.

  • All of our builds now take advantage of Shifter and UglifyJS (all rigorously tested via Yeti).

  • Graphics and Charts have undergone low level improvements, including the ability to scale the contents of a Graphic to its parent container, the addition of toFront() and toBack() to manage a shape's depth, the ability to animate fill and stroke attributes and the introduction of a data attribute which accepts SVG data

  • Gestures event-flick and event-move now take advantage of MSPointer events.

  • We have graduated Michael Matuzak's gallery-tap module to the YUI core module: event-tap. Thanks to Andres Garza for the original implementation.

  • Ryan Grove's node-scroll-info plugin is now available. This Y.Node plugin provides convenient events and methods related to scrolling.

  • In the DataType utility DataType.Date.Locale, which has been deprecated for a number of releases, has now been removed. DataType.Date, DataType.Number and DataType.XML have been renamed to Y.Date, Y.Number and Y.XML, but the DataType.* aliases have been retained for backwards compatibility.

Many issues have been addressed since 3.6.0. You can checkout the change history rollup for all the components in the library. We invite you to join the ongoing development discussions happening with the team over on GitHub. For support, visit our forums, or join other YUI developers live in the #yui channel on (a web client is here).