YUI's New Community Engineer and YUIConf Dates Set

By YUI TeamSeptember 18, 2012
NOTE: New conference dates have been set! Nov 14–15 (Wed. and Thurs.) at the Santa Clara Marriott.
Hi, I’m Andrew Wooldridge, the new Community Engineer for YUI. I’ve been an active community member and Yahoo! employee for many years now, with blog posts, many hours on IRC, and I even managed to speak at last year’s YUIConf. I’m incredibly excited to be writing this today because I’ve always been passionate about sharing YUI with other developers. Up until now it has been a labor of love - something done outside of my “real” job at Yahoo! As of today I get to be part of something new happening at YUI. Community is very important for any codebase, and even more so for one that is open source. Without a thriving and growing community, a codebase is just a collection of text files. YUI is much more than a git repo and some documentation, it’s an amazing group of folks passionate about creating the best-of-breed library for websites and web-based applications. This group consists of people both inside and outside Yahoo! who have discovered not only that YUI is a fantastic library for web development, but one that they can contribute to as well. Imagine seeing a new sports car on a showroom floor, all powerful, new, and showing off the state-of-the-art in driving technology. Imagine now how you would feel if you played a part in creating that car, say improving the fuel economy, or the design of the dashboard. This is what you can do when you progress from just using YUI to contributing to it as well. My job is to make that not only possible but an amazing experience. Part of my new commission on this team is to find and clear roadblocks between YUI and its community. We want to make it much easier to contribute, give feedback, and get responses to your bug requests and documentation needs. YUI is becoming more open, transparent, and agile. There are initiatives for such things as a new and improved Gallery, faster and streamlined build system, and a faster and feature-rich testing framework. YUI is also moving to be more transparent about milestones, schedules, and priorities, with more open meetings, public twikis and online discussions. In addition, I’ll be helping to improve the site documentation and write code examples applying YUI in practical ways that you can use right away in your own websites and applications. I’m also pleased to announce the date and location of this year’s YUIConf. It will be on November 5-6 (Mon-Tue) at the Santa Clara Marriott. We’ve heard from other teams that this is an excellent facility to work with, and we look forward to seeing you there! More details will be forthcoming but I know you would want to hear about this as soon as you could to start making plans. Lastly, there will be a call for papers soon, with details in an upcoming blog post. So start making your travel plans and brainstorm ideas for presenting your own great work! You can reach me online via triptych on the #YUI IRC channel, or @triptych on twitter, and awooldri at yahoo-inc dot come via email.