YUI Chat on Friday - Want to talk at YUIConf?

By YUI TeamSeptember 26, 2012
This Friday September 28th from 11:30 - 12:30 PDT we will host an informal chat for anyone interested in talking about the proposal process for YUIConf. Are you on the fence about submitting a propsal? Don't know if your topic is developed enough for a talk? Come hang out with us online via G+ Hangout and we'll help you find the answers. Ping @yuilibrary @ericf or @triptych if you want a G+ invite. We have created an editable GDoc which you can use to add your ideas for YUIConf talks. Feel free to add, arrange, or comment on ideas listed here. If you want to "claim" an idea - just put your name next to it. For example "-Joe Cool".