YUI Weekly - Sept 28th, 2012

By YUI TeamSeptember 28, 2012
  • This week saw the release of YUI 3.7.2, a patch release to resolve a couple bugs around CSS loading. As has been mentioned previously, YUI releases are getting faster and more granular, so don't be surprised to see more patch releases per major version. For more information on our upcoming release schedule, you can now find that on our Github wiki.

  • Speaking of patch releases, the core team's current priority is bringing full support for YUI 3.7 in Windows 8's four different JS runtimes, which includes Internet Explorer 10 and WinJS. After running the YUI codebase through our gauntlet of 6,300+ unit tests in each Win8 environment, we've only run into a few issues and are currently being addressed. Also, thanks to Alexander Shusta (@lexander) for some pull requests to help add support for IE10.

  • Big hat tip to Alberto Santini (@albertosantini) for his App Framework example pull request. One of the reasons we moved all documentation and examples into the yui3 repository (in /src/{component}/docs/) was to allow for easier community contributions for those areas. Documentation is a really helpful way to contribute to YUI if you are looking to get started. Just ping any of the ops in #yui (on Freenode) if you are looking for ideas.

  • Earlier today we hosted a session of Open Hours to discuss YUIConf presentations, which is now available on our YouTube channel. So if you are thinking about submitting a proposal to speak at YUIConf (due Oct 10th), check it out to see some ideas and get tips from previous YUIConf presenters.

  • Version bumps this week for the following YUI devtools: Grover, Yeti, and YUIDoc. Upgrade with npm -g install grover yeti yuidocjs. More about Yeti's recent and upcoming changes can be found on the Yeti 0.2.11 release post.

  • New/updated modules in the Gallery this week: simple-accordion, calendar-jumpnav, paginator, itsaselectlist, itsatoolbar, selection, modalshim, anim-native, scrollintoview, zui-rascroll, and zui-scrollhelper.

  • As we draw closer to YUIConf 2012 interest in YUI grows. Check out these guidelines if you are interested in contributing code.

  • Two new pages have been added to the GitHub wiki: "Yeti and YUI" and "Building YUI".

If you have anything else you’d like to share, leave a comment below.