YUI Weekly for October 19th, 2012

By YUI TeamOctober 19, 2012
  • Just a reminder that YUIConf 2012 is coming up in a few weeks! You can purchase tickets here, and we'll be posting a speaker lineup soon.

  • You can now use YUI to build native apps on Windows 8! This week saw the release of YUI 3.7.3, a patch release to bring improved support to each of the four Windows 8 JavaScript runtimes. While the target of this release was native Windows 8 apps and IE10, we still encourage everyone using YUI 3.7 to upgrade since some updates will also help out non-IE10 browsers (e.g. Y.Transition fix for Firefox 16). You can learn more about this release from the announcement as well as reviewing the history rollup. Kudos to everyone for the assistance with testing and pull requests!

  • Earlier this week, Dav Glass (@davglass) announced that YUI Compressor has been deprecated and replaced with yuglify, a combination of UglifyJS and node-cssmin (a Node.js port of cssmin, the CSS minification tool in Compressor).

  • Yesterday, YUI engineers Satyen Desai (@dezziness) and Eric Ferraiuolo (@ericf) talked with SmugMuggers Lee Shepherd (@bigwebguy) and Luke Smith (@ls_n) about the gritty details of using Y.Base.create() in advanced ways with the _buildCfg property, and came up with some possible enhancements. Video of that conversation has been posted here.

  • Thanks to Alberto Santini (@albertosantini) and Jeroen Versteeg (@asystance) for the calendar translation pull requests (es, es-AR, it, & nl). If you have knowledge of languages currently unsupported in Y.Calendar, we'd love to have some additional contributions. You can view a list of the current languages files here.

  • QuirksMode posted the results of a survey conducted to measure JavaScript library usage. Among DOM-centric libraries, YUI ranked 2nd (behind jQuery), and 6th overall. You can participate in the survey here.

  • Simon Højberg (@shojberg) gave a live-coding presentation of YUI at Prov.JS last night. You can browse through or clone the code for an example of creating a simple application using Y.App on the client with a Node.js server. Thanks for the talk Simon!

  • Stockpile is a "YUI 3 combo handler built on NodeJS that supports versioning, either for individual modules or for bundles of modules."

  • Version bumps this week for the following YUI devtools: shifter, grover, yuidoc, yogi, and yuglify. Upgrade with npm install -g shifter grover yuidoc yogi uglify.

  • Updated modules in the Gallery this week: datatable-col-resize, deferred, and get-selection.