YUI Weekly for October 26th, 2012

By YUI TeamOctober 26, 2012
  • YUIConf 2012 is just 19 days away! The speakers and sessions have been announced, and you can help us finalize the schedule by voting for your favorite topics in this survey. Registration is still open, but act fast because early-bird registration is only available for a few more days!

  • With YUI 3.7.3 out the door, we now turn our focus towards benchmarking and improving performance. The next scheduled release is a preview release for 3.8 on November 13th, but we may also see early an preview release, as well as possible 3.7 patch releases. You can stay on top of everything going into 3.8 by following the 3.x branch and its commits.

  • Next Tuesday (Oct 30th) the YUI Team is holding a Hangout to discuss YUI and Windows 8. This will be live-streamed via YouTube and available afterwards on the YUI Theater, but if you wish to actively participate, you can RSVP here.

  • @yuialert is an open-source tweet-bot written by Juan Dopazo (@juandopazo) that will retweet YUI-related questions that appear on StackOverflow.

  • Protip: If you have links you'd like to contribute to YUI Weekly, you can tag any bookmarks on Delicious with #yuiweekly. Alternatively, you can also include them in the comments section below.

  • Version bumps this week for the following YUI devtools: grover, shifter, and yuidoc. Upgrade with npm install -g shifter grover yuidocjs.

  • Updated module in the Gallery this week: taptotop.

  • To conclude, a new section to YUI Weekly - Tweets of the Week:

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