YUI Weekly for November 1st, 2012

By YUI TeamNovember 2, 2012
  • 2 weeks to YUIConf! We just posted the conference schedule over at YUIConf's Lanyrd page. Be sure to grab a ticket before it sells out!

  • Earlier this week we announced a security vulnerability in YUI 2. You can expect more details to be released on this issue in the near future, but due to the sensitive nature of this information while vulnerable files are still in the wild, we need to do so in a careful and thoughtful manner. Any project that hosts YUI 2 SWF files (versions 2.4.0 through 2.9.0) on its own servers should email security (at) yuilibrary.com for more information and support.

  • Yeti just got more awesome by adding support for AJAX and the QUnit testing framework, as well as improved CLI output. More details and release notes for Yeti 0.2.13 can be found over at the yeti blog.

  • During development of the Windows 8-compatible release of YUI 3.7.3, team-member Tilo Mitra (@tilomitra) became our resident Windows 8 JS guru. In addition to hosting this week's Windows 8 Hangout, Tilo also published a "Windows 8 Learnings" blog post to relay some of what we have learned so far. Video of the Hangout will be available next week.

  • Due to all the positive feedback from Dav Glass's "Have a Dew With Dav" Hangout last week, he promises to host some follow-up events. For those future sessions, we'll do what we can to accommodate the overflow crowd, either by live streaming or posting the video to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned...

  • In case you didn't know, @yuilibrary has a YUI Team list. So go give it a subscribe and say hi to everyone.

  • Version bumps this week for the following YUI devtools: grover, shifter, and yeti. Upgrade with npm install -g grover shifter yeti

  • New in the Gallery this week is itsadialogbox, a draggable dialogue box widget. Updated Gallery modules include datatable-col-resize, querybuilder, quickedit, and bottle