YUIConf 2012 Talk: Jeff Conniff and Tilo Mitra on the Future of YUI CSS

By YUI TeamNovember 27, 2012
Update: You can now try out Jeff's Skinner Demo online.

Last week we have begun uploading talks from YUIConf 2012 to YUI theater. We started with Dav Glass' well-received keynote, and after taking a break for Thanksgiving, we will continue to put up a talk once every two days. To keep up with the talks as they show up, follow this blog, subscribe to the YUI theater RSS feed, or keep up with the yuilibrary channel on Youtube.

In this two-part talk, the YUI team visual design guru Jeff Conniff and frontend engineer Tilo Mitra discuss the upcoming exciting additions to the YUI library CSS offerings. In the first part of the talk, Jeff talks about skinning YUI widgets and showcases unique new tools for effortlessly building coordinated color schemes and matching theme sets. Tilo Mitra follows with a discussion of Responsive Grids, a utility built on top of YUI Grids that allows for creating flexible layouts for any screen size.