YUIConf 2012: Two awesome days

By YUI TeamNovember 29, 2012

In the past few years I had no opportunity to attend or give a talk at YUIConf. I'm currently living in Europe, so traveling to Santa Clara is not so easy. For that reason, all these years the only experience I had with YUIConf was to watch the videos on YUI Theater. I really enjoyed them, but I always wanted to be there in person to talk with people from the YUI team and other Yahoo! Engineers, to share with them my experience, to give them some feedback and just to learn from the source about the future of YUI. This year, thanks to my company, Liferay, I had this opportunity.

Initially, I didn't know what to expect — all the impressions I had were only from the videos. In general, it turned to be an invaluable experience. The feeling to meet Dav, Luke, Tilo, Eric, Caridy, Matt, Satyen and of course Jenny — people you've seen only online — cannot be described. Talking to them helps to understand their personality, what is driving them forward, what makes them happy and why are they so passionate about YUI. One of the most disappointing things for all members of the community is when you send a pull request you think it is great, but it remains unmerged. Being there I could ask, "Hey, Dav, what happened with my pull request?" and hear, "Oh, man, I'm sorry, I've been working for the past three weeks on yogi, but I promise I will do it very soon". Then you understand and give allowances for the time they need.

There is also something else: watching the videos on YouTube does not allow you to ask right there if you don't agree with something. For example, I disagreed with some parts of Ryan Grove's presentation (mostly his pieces of advice to avoid some of Y.Lang functions), but being there was a good chance to discuss these with the presenter or with the other people from the community. Also, it's easier to learn about the things they are already working on, but since they are in the early phase they aren’t still made publicly available. This helps to plan your work better and not duplicate what they are already working on with what you plan to do. The conference itself was very well organized, there was enough time between talks, the food was very good as well. At the and, I would like to say “thanks” to both Liferay and YUI Team for the priceless time I had the last week. Hope to see you again!

About the author: Iliyan Peychev started as a C developer eleven years ago, when he was writing software for banks and other financial institutions. Then he became Java developer working in the area of SmartCards and Security. Today he is fully devoted to JavaScript and front-end development, and he is highly interested in server-side JavaScript, real time data processing and remotely controlling and monitoring various devices and systems.