YUIConf 2012 Talk: Ryan Grove on When Not to Use YUI

By YUI TeamNovember 30, 2012

Happy Friday! We continue our series of video releases from YUIConf 2012 with the talk from Ryan Grove entitled "When Not to Use YUI". Be sure to check out the earlier videos in this series, as well as bookmark YUI Theater and our YouTube channel to find all the videos once they are released.

In this talk at YUIConf 2012, a SmugMug sorcerer and former YUI engineer Ryan Grove provides code samples and real-world anecdotes to illustrate how to decide when to use YUI, when to use vanilla JavaScript, and when to consider other libraries. Also he discusses what the tradeoffs are in terms of performance and maintainability. Ryan's advice ranges from simple rules of thumb to more nuanced discussion of complex architectural decisions, with examples drawn from his time working on YUI at Yahoo! and using YUI at SmugMug. Ryan's slides are available via SpeakerDeck.