Announcing the New YUI Contributor Mailing List

By YUI TeamDecember 6, 2012

YUI continues to expand the role of its community through our newly drafted Contributor Model. A vital component of that model is the YUI Contributor Mailing List. We are pleased to announce that this list is now open and available for you to join! Here are some key features:

  • The list is open to anyone! There are no membership or role-based limitations on joining the list.
  • Build notifications will channel through this list. Keep up-to-date on the latest continuous integration information, as well as uptime and test coverage.
  • This list will feature technical discussions on YUI, including architecture and low-level code discussions.
  • Pull Requests are still the preferred method for code reviews and discussions on smaller code changes. The mailing list and Pull Request process work hand-in-hand as you draw closer to submitting a pull request.
  • Topics that require a vote as mandated by the Contributor Model will take advantage of the Contributor Mailing List to manage the process.
  • This list is for contributors and contribution-related discussions. The Forums maintain their role as support for YUI users and that role hasn't changed with the introduction of this mailing list.

If you would like to join the Contributor Mailing list, please click this link and follow the instructions from there.

Note for Yahoo! employees: Due to Google Drive restrictions, you will not be able to use your yahoo-inc email address to subscribe to the list.