YUI Moving from Builder to Shifter

By YUI TeamDecember 13, 2012

YUI has moved from using Builder to create component build files for YUI to a new tool called shifter. Builder is being deprecated and further development on it will stop in favor of improving shifter.

shifter was created to replace Builder and provides essentially the same features. However, shifter has vastly improved performance during build times. shifter is written in JavaScript and takes advantage of Node.js. In addition, shifter uses JSHint which may provide you a bit more flexibility with your linting tasks. shifter also includes a very handy --watch option which will automatically rebuild the current module as you make changes, resulting in a faster development cycle. Since shifter is available via npm, it is easier to keep up to date and allows you to adopt new features quickly. If there are features that you depended on with Builder which are not present in shifter, please file a issue here and note that this is something you were using in Builder that needs to be added.

If you are unfamiliar which how shifter works in the build process, please visit this wiki page on Building YUI as well as shifter's docs. The wiki page will step you through the process of using shifter directly and shifter's docs will give you more in depth detail on the various things it can do for you.

However, since shifter is just one tool in our growing toolbox, you should instead move to using yogi. yogi build uses shifter under the hood and does many other useful tasks to help you with YUI development.