YUIConf 2012 Talk: Douglas Crockford on Monads and Gonads (Evening Keynote)

By YUI TeamDecember 13, 2012

Our series progresses through the talks from YUIConf 2012 and takes us to the next one from Douglas Crockford. This was a lively evening keynote after the dinner at the conference. As always, keep up on the latest videos on YUI Theater and YouTube.

In this evening keynote from YUIConf 2012, the legendary JavaScript architect Douglas Crockford discusses one of the most elusive of all programming concepts: the monad. With this talk, Crockford attempts to break the long-standing Monad tutorial curse by explaining the concept and applications of monads in a way that is actually understandable to the audience.

Companion source code for this talk is available via GitHub here.