YUIConf 2012 Talk: Gamaiel Zavala on Adopting YUI App Framework on Yahoo! Media Sites

By YUI TeamDecember 26, 2012

We hope your holidays are going well. You should take some of your vacation time and catch up on YUIConf 2012 videos! Next in our speaker series is a talk from Gamaiel Zavala, a 7-year veteran of Yahoo! from Santa Monica who works on Yahoo! media properties. YUI Theater and our playlist on YouTube are the best ways to keep up on new releases.

In this YUIConf 2012 presentation, Gamaiel Zavala, a Yahoo! Media engineer, discusses the adoption of the YUI App Framework on Yahoo! Media sites (News, Sports, Finance, Movies, OMG, and so on). Gamaiel's talk includes details on leveraging YAF for Mobile on an existing large scale website, shielding existing pages from the complexities of PJAX via the controller, communicating with existing YUI modules via global events, working with Model and ModelList, and working with transitions.

You can find the slides via Drive here.