YUIConf 2012 Talk: Tilo Mitra on Building Native Windows 8 Apps with YUI

By YUI TeamJanuary 14, 2013

Tilo Mitra has the distinction of being part of not just one but two different talks at YUIConf 2012 (The other presentation he shared with Jeff Conniff.) His drive and energy are apparent in this next talk in our series, which you can catch up via YouTube or YUI Theater.

In this YUIConf 2012 talk, the YUI team member Tilo Mitra describes how a developer can leverage YUI for building Windows 8 applications. Tilo's talk provides a detailed look at how native applications on Windows 8 can be built using a combination of YUI and the native APIs. He provides an introduction to Windows 8, WinJS, and explains how YUI can help make applications faster with clean, modular code.

Here are the slides on slideshare as well.