YUI 3.9.0pr1 - Charts, JSONP, and Responsive Grids

By YUI TeamJanuary 16, 2013

YUI 3.9.0pr1 is now available to the developer community for feedback and testing on the Yahoo! CDN (and as a download), on npm, and our staging website has the updated documentation.

This branch was cut from the 3.x branch on Tuesday, January 15th and includes everything in master up to that point as well. Our current sprint will reach code freeze phase on Friday, January 18th with a release earmarked for Tuesday, January 22nd. The version number of a release will depend on its contents, so this preview release is from our 3.x branch and we rely on your feedback to decide if 3.9.0 will be the next production-ready release of YUI. If not, we will cut a release from our master branch as 3.8.1 at the end of the current development sprint.

Chart Axis Modularization

Tripp Bridges has been working on refactoring Charts under the hood. As you can see from this comprehensive pull request there have been some changes to the organization of axis classes. The primary goal for this is to allow users to include different modules that can be used to build custom chart applications.

If you are a current user of Charts you are encouraged to try out this preview release and test your existing implementations. There should be no change in behavior, and you should not have to change anything about your own code. If you have any issues, please file a ticket.

JSONP updates: Async Support and YQL Module

Part of our new process involves making sure all pull requests get reviewed and acted on once they are ready to go and approved by Reviewers. Once such pull request review (for #371) resulted in changes for JSONP (pull request #396) which adds Y.Get.js().execute() support. (Special thanks to : Luke Smith, Dav Glass, Eric Ferraiuolo, and Ryan Grove for making it happen so quickly! )

Another pull request related to JSONP added a new YQL module for using JSONP, effectively allowing it to be conditionally loaded if needed or not in environments like Node.js and Win8 that do not.

Deprecated and Removed Modules

datatable-deprecated and uploader-deprecated have been removed. substitute has been moved to deprecated status. You should use Y.Lang.sub or Y.Template instead. If you rely on substitute in your codebase, this is a good time to start migrating to these alternative methods. Also note, Y.Template has added the concept of default options.

Node.js Script Loading

YUI community member solmsted contributed a change to Y.Get.js to hook deeper into Node.js' module system to normalize the environment between scripts loaded by Y.Get.js and require. Please test this out in your own implementations now while we are in PR to uncover any potential bugs.

Responsive Grids

Tilo Mitra has continued the work started in his ongoing gridbuilder development and folded those rules back into CSSGrids. He's introducing a new file structure that creates cssgrids-responsive.css which includes cssgrids-units.css, cssgrids-base.css, and cssgrids-responsive-base.css. This also changes the classname yui3-g-responsive to yui3-g-r. Please check out the documentation for this on the staging website and give us feedback on this new feature.

Happy Testing!

For a complete list of changes in 3.9.0pr1, please refer to the change history rollup for this release.

We do these preview rleases so you can test them in your applications and give us your feedback. If you find a bug, or want to suggest an enhancement, please don't hesitate to file a ticket. Thank you, and happy testing!