YUIConf 2012 Talk: Use YUI to Lower Project Development Costs by Jeff Pihach

By YUI TeamJanuary 16, 2013

Up next in our YUIConf 2012 video series is one from long time community member Jeff Pihach or 'hatch' as he's known on IRC. He's one of the many friendly and dedicated folks who take time to hang out on IRC to help out with all sorts of questions. Folks like hatch are what makes YUI's community strong and you should check out this talk below and gain some insight on how YUI is a great choice for developers. You can catch up on the rest of the videos in this series via YouTube or YUI Theater.

In this presentation from YUIConf 2012, an independent web developer Jeff Pihach showcases the issues of modern web development that arise when using various libraries and explains how the features of YUI make it a clear leader for development teams of any size. The talk includes duscussions of standard development procedures, modular development and extensibility, API consistency, documentation, and testing.

You can view the presentation online here.