Announcing Support for GitHub Issues in YUI

By YUI TeamJanuary 18, 2013

A longstanding request from our community has been to enable GitHub issues in the repo. We've responded today by enabling that feature for the yui3 repo. You can see the issues list here and file issues either from GitHub or the traditional way. Consider this new feature "experimental" as we seek to find the right methodology for handling new issues. One of the benefits of allowing issues in the repo is now we are able to assign labels to issues and pull requests. Here is the current short list of labels we have set up (subject to change as we work out the correct specific label).

  • bug - This one is a bit self-explanatory but one purpose for this label is to allow us to know if a pull request is able to be pulled in between the feature complete and code freeze milestones.

  • feature - This label allows developers to filter new features from bugs.

  • needs code - This label is set up for issues where the owner decides it needs a pull request to move the issue forward.

We hope you find this new feature useful in your development work and encourage you to give us feedback about our use of GitHub issues in the contributor mailing list.