YUI 3.8.1 Released

By YUI TeamJanuary 23, 2013

Last night we released YUI 3.8.1. It is now available on the Yahoo! CDN (also as a download) and on npm. The YUI Library website has been updated with the latest documentation, including the addition of iOS 6 to our Target Environments.

iOS 6 Target Environment

We've added support for iOS 6 on the Target Environments page. This means that you as a developer can have confidence that your YUI-based sites and applications will run well in this environment, and that you may file issues for this environment as you would any of the other target environments. A big thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen including Eric Ferraiuolo, Matt Sweeney, and Tilo Mitra. Issues were fixed in modules including Node, IO, and Attribute. Many unit tests were updated for iOS 6 as well. Eric Ferraiuolo posted a great explanation of our Target Environment page and how it works.

Note: iOS 4 will be removed as a target environment very soon.

DataTable, Attribute, and Template

While this was a minor point release, YUI 3.8.1 saw many updates and improvements across a number of modules. Most notably fixes for DataTable (via Mark Woon and clanceyp) , Attribute (via redbat and Satyam), and Template issues (via ericf). Anthony Pipkin is working hard on future improvements for DataTable so stay tuned for updates!

Many Bugfixes and Community Contributions

If you check out the YUI 3.8.1 Change History Rollup page on GitHub you'll get a good idea of the modules updated for 3.8.1. You may also notice that more and more pull requests from community members are being included in each release. If you would like to help make improvements to this project check out the yui-contrib mailing list. Please feel free to file a ticket or make use of our newly added Issues feature on GitHub as well!

Next Release

We are also working hard on YUI 3.9.0 and have already released a PR1 for you to try out and help us find any remaining issues. Once we have completed testing, YUI 3.9.0 will be arriving soon!