YUIConf 2012: Dmitry Savintsev and Albert Yu on Security Testing of YUI-Powered Applications

By YUI TeamJanuary 23, 2013

This next talk in our video series from YUIConf 2012 is the second one featuring members of the Yahoo! security team, Dmitry Savintsev and Albert Yu. The previous security video from Bishan Kochar was featured a few weeks ago, so you may want to watch these together as a set. You can catch up on the rest of the videos in this series via YouTube or YUI Theater.

In this YUIConf 2012 talk Dmitry Savintsev and Albert Yu - Yahoo! security team engineers - discuss the need to embed security testing in the standard repertoire of every Javascript and YUI developer, alongside with functionality and performance tests. They explain the need for security testing as part of development workflow, discuss tools used for such testing, explain how to test for XSS, and analyze code statically, and talk about the future prospects in the field.

You can find the slides for this talk on SlideShare. You can find the demo code on GitHub for Dmitry's demo and Albert's demo.