YUI 3.9.0pr2

By YUI TeamJanuary 25, 2013

We have a new preview release this morning - YUI 3.9.0pr2. This release is available on Yahoo! CDN, download, and on npm. The staging website has also been updated to this version.

Issues Resolved in 3.9.0pr2

This release addresses a few issues with Charts as well as a number of pull requests and fixes to modules such as Button and ScrollView. This also updates pr2 with changes from YUI 3.8.1 as it was updated from dev-master. You can find a complete list of changes and fixes with this GitHub comparison.

You can read more about 3.9.0 on our previous blog post about pr1 here.

Keep Testing and Reporting Issues

We are are approaching the time when we feel 3.9.0 is ready to be released but we need your help! Please test this release and report any issues as soon as you can. Thank you and happy testing!