YUI 3.9.0pr3

By YUI TeamFebruary 19, 2013

We have a new preview release today. This release is YUI 3.9.0pr3 and is available on Yahoo! CDN, download, and via npm. We have also updated the staging website for this version.

What's New Since PR2?

We have had a number of great new features merged in since YUI 3.9.0pr2. This has been the direct result of the growing momentum from our developer community working through our new contributor model as well as our quicker release cycle. Featured below are some of the additions that have been made since pr2.


Ryan Grove (@yaypie) has been working on a tree module as a part of his work at SmugMug and has taken the next steps via a pull request to get it into YUI. The description on the request gives a good idea of the speed and utility of this new module. Note that his is not a TreeView, but is a lower level data structure that can support items like Menu, TreeView, or a DOM node. Here is a speed test with Y.Tree working on a TreeView.

CSSReset, CSSBase, and Normalize.css

Tilo Mitra (@tilomitra) has merged in changes to deprecate CSSBase and replace it with Normalize.css. What this means for you as a developer is that you can take advantage of Normalize.css in Forms, Tables, Lists and much more. This is great for the future of CSS in YUI and helps web developers create beautiful and clean looking sites. You can take advantage of Normalize.css in a whole page context as well as more isolated way (for say an embedded widget) via a new class .yui3-normalized. For more details check out the pull request. You can read more about the Normalize.css project here.

A+ Compatible Promises

Juan Dopazo (@juandopazo) and Luke Smith (@ls_n) have been working hard on a new module for promises called Y.Promise. This has been named promise instead of deferred to avoid confusion and there is an additional object called Y.Promise.Resolver which behaves like the old deferred. You can find more detail about this module on the pull request description.

Graphics Chaining

Tripp Bridges added a feature to Graphics that allows you to chain drawing commands on a path. This may be a subtle change but it allows developers to write more human-readable code, and may allow the code to dynamically add paths. He's written an example using method chaining here.

And Much More!

There were over 250 commits by 14 authors between 3.9.0pr2 and 3.9.0pr3. Changed components include Charts, Color, CSSNormalize, DataTable, Graphics, Handlebars, Number, Promise, ScrollView, Tree, and Uploader. You can view the recently closed pull requests for additional insights as well as review all the check-ins for this release. A special thanks to Satyam and Arnaud Didry for their DataTable contributions.

Keep Testing!

There has been a lot of changes in this most recent PR and we depend on developers like you to download the latest code and try these changes out with your own applications. If you find any bugs please file a ticket so we can make this pr the best it can be.