YUI 3.9.0 Delayed

By YUI TeamFebruary 28, 2013

We've decided to delay the release of YUI 3.9.0 by a week or so to ensure the quality of the new features and bug fixes that have been included recently. We had two pull requests that fix issues with CSS Grids in Chrome 25 (468 and 469) come in late in the release cycle, and we want to make sure that they are tested against our suite of browsers and devices. We are also in transition with our new CI platform and we want to make sure 3.9.0 is well-tested, robust, and complete before we will release it.

Stay tuned to this blog as well as #yui on irc for updates, and thank you for your patience! While you are waiting, feel free to download YUI 3.9.0pr3 and try things out!