Call for Guest Bloggers

By YUI TeamMarch 6, 2013

Often when people think of contributing to an open source project such as YUI they only consider code changes or bug fixes. However, you don't have to dive deep into the source code to provide something of great value to the YUI community! If you have created a new Gallery component or you've simply been working with YUI for a while and have something interesting to share, then we would like you to consider being a guest blogger! If you are concerned that your topic or article may not fit or you would like help with writing the content, please contact us as well! Also, if you are considering writing an article related to YUI for another site we'd be happy to help give you feedback.

We have set up a mailing list at yui-blog -at- for you to send your ideas, proposals, or links to articles. You can also find this information on our Contribute page. Contact us today!