Yeti 0.2.21 Released

By Reid BurkeApril 11, 2013

We're using Yeti to test YUI on all of our Target Environments. In CI, we use Yeti with Selenium to start and stop browsers. Today's release improves issues we've found while using Yeti with Selenium. Here's what's new in 0.2.21.

Use Only Launched Browsers

When specifying browsers to launch, Yeti 0.2.21 will ignore browsers that are manually connected and will only use browsers launched by Selenium to test that batch.

Recognize Browsers & Environments Used by Sauce Labs

We've included browser names, versions, and OS options that are used by Sauce Labs. We also added latest as a version. New options include:

  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008
  • Windows 2012
  • Mac 10.6
  • Mac 10.8
  • iPad
  • iPhone

These can be used together to launch browsers like this:

  • -b chrome/xp
  • -b "ie/6/windows 2003"
  • -b "ie/10/windows 2012"
  • -b "iphone/6/mac 10.8"
  • -b firefox/latest/xp

Full Changelog and Bugfixes

We also fixed a few bugs. The full changelog is below:

  • Batches that use WebDriver only use browsers launched by WebDriver, not existing browsers.
  • Accept latest as a WebDriver browser version.
  • Add browsers used by Sauce Labs.
  • Fix server-side wd-url command-line option.
  • Fix issue with echoecho JSONP when using a query string like &callback=foo.
  • Fix possible hang during WebDriver browser launching.
  • Fix possible quit before JUnit XML was completely written to stdout.

Upgrade Now & Release Links

You can upgrade now as usual: npm install -g yeti.

What's Next

We continue to improve Yeti as we use it to test YUI 3.10.0. Support for HTTP proxies during Yeti's installation is coming soon thanks to an in-progress pull request by @ryanvanoss which is coming in the next release.