YUI After Hours

By YUI TeamApril 15, 2013

Last Thursday we hosted our first YUI After Hours event! YUI team members and developers from across the Bay Area got together for an evening of food, drink, presentations, and great conversation!

Dav Glass (@davglass) kicked things off with updates about Luke Smith and Ryan Grove moving to Reviewer status, as well as Caridy Patino and Juan Dopazo joining the ranks of YUI Committers (for more details about roles in YUI check out our Contributor Model). He also touched briefly on his new position within Yahoo! as architect promoting JavaScript and Node.js. While we are sad that he is moving on from the YUI team, we are glad that he will be acting as a proponent for web technologies within Yahoo! We'll miss you Dav!

Eric Ferraiuolo (@ericf) was up next with a talk entitled "YUI 3.10.0 Go Fast" that really resonated with the folks at the event - getting several rounds of applause at each slide showing impressive performance gains in BaseCore, Base, CustomTarget, and EventTarget. Check out the YUI 3.10.0pr1 announcement for more details!

Tilo Mitra (@tilomitra) was up next with a talk about his YUI CSS project, featuring clean and simple CSS as a basis for any web project. He showed us the progress he's made on Responsive Grids CSS as well as components such as lists, tables, and forms. This is an exciting project, and we look forward to more updates from Tilo.

Next up was Ryan Grove (@yaypie) who persevered in attending even though he was not feeling well and gave us a great overview of some of the work he's been doing implementing Y.Tree, specifically gallery-sm-menu and galler-sm-treeview. His TreeView demo was especially well-received as it boasted impressive performance, rendering tens of thousands of nodes very quickly. He also spoke briefly about some works-in-progress, including a new contentEditable-based WYSIWYG editor.

Closing out the talks was Luke Smith (@ls_n) who gave us an overview of how Y.Promise works behind the scenes and encouraged developers to try out this new way to write asynchronous code in a way that reads more like synchronous code. For further reading about Promises and the A+ spec check out this site.

Once the talks completed, folks broke into informal groups and spent the rest of the evening talking about various YUI-related issues while eating pizza and veggies. Evan Goer (@evangoer) was there as well signing his book "YUI3 Cookbook".

If you would like to watch the full recorded stream of the event, check out the YouTube video below. Apologies for the poor sound quality! You'll notice quite a bit of echo in some of the presentations, however they get better near the end. We're learning as we go, and hope to do more of these open events for the YUI community in the future.