YUICompressor 2.4.8 Released

By YUI TeamMay 16, 2013

We are pleased to announce the the immediate availability of version 2.4.8 of YUICompressor. The first YUICompressor release to come forward since the project moved to the new Contributor Model, 2.4.8 includes a number of improvements submitted by members of the YUICompressor community.

Special Thanks

In addition to the community at large, special thanks goes out to following individuals for sticking with us during this period of transition and shepherding their pull requests through the new process: @danbeam (Dan Beam), @faisalman (Faisal Salman), @killsaw (Steven Bredenberg), @ademey (Andrew Demey), @sbertrang (Simon Bertrang), @danielbeardsley (Daniel Beardsley), @bmouw, @bandesz, @ryansully (Ryan Sullivan), @apm (Adam Moore), @nlalevee (Nicolas Lalevée), and @tml (Joey Smith).


  • Fixes for "important" and conditional comment processing
  • Fixes a bug in the support for JS 1.7 style getters/setters
  • Better compliance and improved compression in CSS results
  • Many improvements to parameter parsing and batch mode

Join the YUICompressor Community

As we continue to expand our adoption of the new Contributor Model, we invite any who are interested in the progress of YUICompressor to join us on the mailing list, file issues or PRs on the GitHub repo, or just help us spread the word: YUICompressor lives!

If you know of systems that have integrated YUICompressor into their projects or codebases, please drop us a line or add a comment here so we can help push new versions of YUICompressor deeper into the community.

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