Yeti 0.2.23 Released

By Reid BurkeMay 23, 2013

Last night, Yeti 0.2.23 was released to fix a few bugs.

Our focus is on stabilizing IE 6+ with Yeti in CI, so this small release addresses a bug that occurs on IE 9 when Yeti is served from port 80 or 443.


  • "Ignoring --server option" no longer appears when glob config is used with -s. Fix GH-35.
  • Fix thrown SyntaxError on IE for every test when Yeti is used on port 80 or 443. Fix GH-46.
  • Avoid using devDependencies during postinstall. Workaround for npm bugs. Fix GH-42.
  • Update onyx dependency.

Get Yeti

You can upgrade now by running npm install -g yeti. Learn more about Yeti at