Yeti 0.2.24 Released

By Reid BurkeJuly 19, 2013

Today's release of Yeti 0.2.24 features improvements to browser launching, integration with other testing tools, and distinguishing between different uses of Yeti in Jenkins builds with the new --name option. We have added official support for IE 6 and 7, since we have used Yeti's previous release to automate YUI tests for those browsers during the last few weeks.

Yeti was an important tool for delivering YUI 3.11.0 this week. For that release, we used Yeti to automate the testing of YUI's example pages in addition to YUI's unit tests. Yeti automates over 120,000 tests for YUI during a daily test run across 13 of our 15 target environments.


  • Report root cause of Selenium/WebDriver errors that occur during browser launching.
  • Allow WINDOWS as a platform name in the --browser launch option for Selenium.
  • Add new Sauce Labs platform names: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, OS X 10.6, and OS X 10.8.
  • Add Client-Side Yeti Integration (Generic Driver) for using Yeti to automate other frameworks.
  • Add --name option to label JUnit XML tests for display in Jenkins merged test reports.
  • Display friendlier session names in the Sauce Labs dashboard. Uses Jenkins-provided BUILD_TAG environment variable, if available, to distinguish Sauce sessions between different builds.
  • Update request and graceful-fs dependencies.

Get Yeti

You can upgrade now by running npm install -g yeti. Learn more about Yeti at