Announcing the new YUI Community Forums

By YUI TeamAugust 21, 2013

UPDATE: The old forums will become 'read only' on September 16th.
UPDATE 2: Private messaging has been disabled.

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new YUI Community Forums. These forums will replace the existing YUI Forums as our primary means of support for users of YUI.


For many years now, the YUI team has built and maintained the project's bug tracker and community forums. At the time, there weren't that many options available, so we did the best we could to do what was necessary for our community. These days however, these products end up taking away resources that should be making our core products more awesome and are no longer cost-effective to own internally. After a brief discussion over on yui-contrib, we are now ready to begin the process of migrating to the new forums.

The New Forums

We saw an opportunity to reduce complexity and increase usefulness by reducing the number of forums. Check out the full discussion behind this decision on yui-contrib.

  • yui-support will replace the YUI 3.x and YUI 3 Gallery forums. We have created the following discussion categories within this group to aid discoverability for these most-used topics:

  • yui-deprecated will replace the YUI 2.x forum and the forums of other deprecated products (YUI Doc, Builder, YUI PHP Loader, etc.).

The Road Ahead

What will happen to the old forums?

  • We will not migrate existing forum members to the new forums, so if you wish to continue to discuss your desired topic, join these groups today!
  • We will not migrate existing forum content to the new forums, but we will leave the content up as a searchable archive because there’s a wealth of useful information there.
  • We will soon take steps to disable new posts to the existing forum, once the community has had a chance to ramp up on the new forums.