YUIConf 2013 Call for Speakers + Deadline

By YUI TeamSeptember 26, 2013

YUIConf 2013 is coming very soon and we want you to be a speaker! If you are working with YUI in any capacity and want to speak about it you are invited to submit a talk proposal. Simply email yui-events (at) yahoo-inc.com and include the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Intended audience
  • Your name
  • A brief bio
  • Other info (any previous talks? papers? is this your first talk?)

If your talk gets accepted, we’ll refund your conference ticket and trade it in for a VIP one!

While you have some time to think of a topic, don't delay because the deadline for submitting a proposal is October 11. If you know you wish to speak at the conference, but are not sure of your final topic, submit a proposal now with as much detail as you have.