YUIConf 2013 - An Amazing Two Days!

By YUI TeamNovember 9, 2013

The past few days have been filled with amazing presentations, awesome food, and great discussions with folks from all over the country at YUIConf 2013. Social networks were abuzz over the great talks and folks were sharing snapshots of the conference through sites like Flickr.

We had a lot of great newcomers giving talks as well as many folks from years past, and it all came together to highlight the vibrant and growing community around YUI.

Day One

Eric Ferraiuolo kicked things off the first day with "YUI and The Future" and gave us a glimpse at the kinds of changes and features will be coming for the library in the not-to-distant future. Clarence Leung gave an in-depth talk about "YUI and the New Server-Side Front-End" giving insights about how developing on both front-end and back-end using Node.js is changing the world of web development. Tilo Mitra talked about the world of gesture events in "The State of Gestures" while Jonathan Tsai and William Seo discussed DRY principles they learned while building out their site in "Staying DRY with YUI."

After lunch we had a great Town Hall Roundtable that discussed such things as the future of the Gallery and how to make our documentation better for people new to YUI. The discussion was lively and many new ideas were sparked in that room that we'll potentially see in the coming months.

David Gomez then gave us a reality check about testing with his talk "Forget Everything You Know about Testing and Start Testing!", while Markandey Singh discussed techniques to make your pages run perceivably faster with his talk "Moon Walking with JavaScript." After that we had some amazing talks by Reid Burke with "Testing YUI Everywhere" and from Eduardo Lundgren with "Reintroducing AlloyYUI."

We moved into the afternoon with a great talk from Caridy Patiño about a new project called "Modown" that features modular and versatile building blocks called "Introducing the 'Modown' Project", as well as an inspirational discussion on the parallels between LEGO building and software prototyping from Lauren Tsung entitled "The 'Building Blocks' of Prototyping."

We ended the first day of the conference with an evening keynote from Esprima and PhantomJS author Ariya Hidayat on "JavaScript Design Principles" that gave great insights on designing JavaScript based API's.

Day Two

Expectations were high in the morning of day two with the keynote from Dav Glass on "YUI and the History of OSS at Yahoo", and we were definitely not disappointed by Dav's incredible energy and enthusiasm. Ariya, not content to merely keynote the evening of the first day, gave another insightful talk about "Next-Generation JavaScript Language Tooling" featuring such topics as static analysis, dynamic analysis, transformation, and code coverage. At the same time in track B we had Mark Kawakami from Yahoo Fantasy Sports discuss the redesign of their Fantasy Football site entitled "Touch Football: Rebuilding Yahoo Fantasy Sports for the Modern Web."

As the day continued, the great talks came one after another. Diego Ferreiro and Norbert Hu shared their insights and tips on building hybrid apps with "Building a Performant HTML5/Hybrid App" and showed off some of the new debugging tools from the Google Chrome. Manuel Jasso and Nathan Comstock from Wells Fargo discussed their work in creating custom JSP tags with "YUI + Closure Templates = Enterprise JSP Tags."

Next up for the day was a talk entitled "YUI + Accessibility: Welcome the Whole World" in which Ted Drake and Sarbottam highlighted common accessibility issues and the innovative ways they resolved them, along with best practices for accessibility in dynamic applications. Julien Lecomte presented "Mojito Ecosystem" which gave a brief description of what Mojito is and why it's used as part of Yahoo Search.

After lunch we kicked off the second half of day two with an exciting succession of Lightning Demos from members of the YUI community on a wide range of interesting topics.

After the Lightning Demos we launched into more great talks. In the A Track Akshay Patel and Seth Bertalotto discussed automating a wide range of tasks with "Grunt Your World" while in Track B we heard Mozilla speaker Bill Walker discuss the Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace with "Firefox Marketplace: Breaking the StrangleHold of App Stores."

The room was packed for Evan Goer's "Thinking of Documentation as Code" where he discussed the ways documentation has been traditionally treated and how with just a small shift in thinking, you can apply principles of code construction to technical documentation.

We ended the conference on a high note with Tony Pipkin's "Pull Request-A-Palooza." Tony walked through all the steps involved in fixing an issue and covered best practices for creating a pull request. Several people in the audience reported that they had a much greater confidence creating not only pull requests but filing new issues as well.

What's Next?

Whether you were able to attend the whole conference or you weren't able to come at all this year, you are going to want to see the videos of the talks. We are working right now to get the videos up on YouTube along with descriptions and transcriptions. As we get these processed, we'll be posting them here on our blog, so stay tuned!

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone involved in this year's YUIConf. Everyone from the speakers, to the venue, to all the folks working behind the scenes to make everything "just work". We couldn't have done it without you! And a big round of thanks to everyone in the YUI community. YUIConf is your conference, and we were so glad to spend time with you this year!