YUI Weekly for November 22nd, 2013

By YUI TeamNovember 22, 2013

Howdy! Well, this week zoomed by faster than JavaScript running on V8, and it's YUI Weekly time again. This will be the last YUI Weekly before Thanksgiving, and we have quite a bit to share, so let's get started.

Release News

We were busy testing YUI across a myriad of browsers in order to release YUI 3.14.0 on November 25th. Everything looks good, and you can grab YUI 3.14.0 RC-1 today. It's available from npm, as a zip, or directly off the CDN. I'm sure you guys are eager to find out what changed in this version. Andrew will have the full details in our release blog post. You can get a preview by checking out the Change History Rollup.

We recommend all developers try out the release candidate. If you encounter any problems, you can file an issue, and we can look into it before releasing the GA.

Open Roundtable

This week's Open Roundtable featured discussions on the upcoming YUI release, the status of YUIConf videos, the delay in Gallery deployments, WinJS, and Bayjax. You can catch the entire video on YouTube. It's your weekly dose of YUI in 30 minutes!

New This Week

  • There was a BayJax meetup this week that focused on JavaScript testing. Our CI expert, Reid was there to talk about how we test YUI. You can check out his awesome slides here.

  • I'm a big fan of Reid's web-based slides, but did you know that they are built using YUI? It's a project called Upstage and you can check it out on GitHub.

  • Caridy added the YUI Transpiler into Square's es6-module-transpiler, which is a step towards being able to transpile ES6 modules into YUI modules.

The World of JavaScript

  • I recently found out that iOS 7 has a native JavaScript bridge that allows bi-directional communication between JavaScript and Obj-C. This article talks a bit more about that.
  • There was a status report published by Dave Herman on the State of ES6 Modules.
  • John Resig has created a web application that allows you to play streams in NodeJS.
  • JSConf Asia is coming up! If you're attending, I'm jealous.

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, that's all for this week! If you noticed, we changed up the format of these YUI Weekly posts a bit this week. Let us know if you prefer this format or the older format in the comments. Finally, on behalf of the whole team, I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!