YUI 3.14.0 Released

By YUI TeamNovember 25, 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of YUI 3.14.0! This release can be found on the Yahoo CDN as well as through npm and a .zip archive. We also have updated the YUI Library website to reflect the changes in this release. ( It's fitting that this release is so near to Thanksgiving, since it's our "pi" release.)

What's New In This Release

Two of the larger changes in this release include updates to Charts (and the underlying Graphics component) and a new feature to enable transpiled ES6 modules to YUI modules. (More info on what ES6 Modules are is here.) There were also many fixes across modules and a continuing theme of community members contributing these fixes and improvements.

Charts and Graphics

In Charts an issue (#1393) was fixed in which CandleStick series did not render nicely when there were large amounts of data, several histogram issues were fixed (#1390, #1391, #1392), an issue (#1382) was fixed where first/last values were removed from axis in certain cases, and a feature (#1381) was added to offset labels in Axis. In Graphics there was a fix (#1398) for an issue in which the canvas element did not properly position itself within a container and a fix (#1375) for when the path did not stroke correctly in the SVG implementation.

NOTE: There was a regression introduced in this release in Charts. Please see the YUI 3.14.1 release blog post for more details.

EcmaScript 6 Compatible YUI Modules

By setting a feature flag ({es: true, requires: []}) in your YUI config, you can get access to a new exciting feature which allows access to ES6 modules to be transpiled into YUI modules. For more details about this feature, please check out the pull request. There's work in progress to get the es6-module-transpiler to output YUI modules as well.

Button Change

In Button there was a fix (#1374) by @drjayvee for the disabledChange listener to correctly enable or disable buttons.

Calendar Fix

There was a minor fix (#1307) in Calendar by @okuryu regarding an undeclared variable.

CSS Grids and Normalize Update

Another relatively important change this time around is that CSS Grids and CSS Normalize are now imported into YUI from Pure via Grunt (#1240). This is a big step not only toward more fully integrating Pure into YUI, but represents a new way for YUI to include other 3rd party libraries and code into the codebase itself.

DataTable Update

The DataTable module was updated with an a datatable-keynav module which provides keyboard navigation within DataTable (#596).

Rich Text Editor Fix

In Rich Text Editor a Y.Frame issue (#1367) was fixed where the linked CSS in the frame was trying to call /undefined. Thanks to @ipeychev for the fix!

Get Utility Issue

There is now a fix for an issue (#1360) in the Get Utility where the behavior for this was different between Node.js and in the browser. This fix maintains feature parity for polyfills and other vendor scripts.

Node Feature Additions

In Node, there has been the addition of paste, copy, and cut to Node's event whitelist (#1350). Thanks @JetFault!

Number Feature Added

In Number, parsecan parse all the formats that format can produce (#587).

YUI Test Change

A new method was added to YUI Test called Y.ArrayAssert.isUnique().

Transition Fix

In Transition, an issue was fixed (#1258) where toggleViewdid not correctly work when passed only an effect name.

Uploader Utility Feature

In Uploader, there was an addition (#1356) of XHR's responseTextto uploaderror'sevent payload. Thanks to @semafor for the addition!

Deprecations for This Release

In Promise, getStatus has been marked deprecated. This means this method may be removed some time in the future, so you should not depend on its presence in your own code.

Target Environments Update

We've updated our Target Environments Matrix page to reflect our added support for iOS 7. We have also broken out desktop Safari into OS X 10.8 (Mt. Lion) and OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) to reflect the growing marketshare of OS X 10.9. Also, we have updated the supported version of WinJS for Windows 8 Apps as that version significantly improves support for 3rd party JavaScript libraries like YUI. We continually update and re-evaluate this matrix to reflect the current state of browser and platform marketshare, so be sure to check it for updates periodically.

Additional Information

There were a total of 341 commits by 24 contributors for this release. You can find details about the changes in this release by checking out the Change History Rollup. For every commit made to our source, there are over 9,000 tests run against our target environments. If you discover an issue, please file it in GitHub (you'll need to sign in first). If you would like to contribute tests, documentation, code fixes, or new features, please check out our Contributing to YUI Wiki entry.