YUI Weekly for January 10, 2014

By YUI TeamJanuary 10, 2014

Happy New Year! After feasting on holiday dinners and chugging unhealthy amounts of egg nog, I'm back to start off another segment of YUI Weekly. It's been a relaxed week here as we get back into the groove. That doesn't mean that we haven't been pushing out code, though! There's still a lot to share, so let's get started.

Release News

Not too much on the YUI front this week, but there was a YUI Gallery build today. The following modules have been updated: gallery-itsamessagecontroller, gallery-itsaselectlist, and gallery-itsaformmodel. They are all written by Marco Asbreuk, who will be joining us at next week's Open Roundtable.

Open Roundtable

In this week's YUI Open Roundtable, Clarence and Andrew welcomed our latest "YUI In the Wild" guest, Jonathan Tsai from Talentral. Unlike usual episodes, Jon was there in person instead of on Google Hangout. Jon talked about how him and his team built Talentral using YUI and other web technologies. I highly recommend checking it out!

Next week, we have another episode of YUI in the Wild with our guest and popular YUI contributor, Marco Asbreuk.

YUIConf Videos

We know everyone has been waiting for those YUIConf videos, and they are here at last! Hallejulah! We're releasing the videos in the same order that they were presented in. We have two videos out so far: YUI and the Future by Eric, and YUI and the new Server-side Front End by Clarence. There will be more coming next week.

Stay Tuned

This is going to be a great year for YUI! We have a lot planned (watch Eric's talk for more details), and I'm really excited to share and be a part of the cool stuff that we are building with the community. Here's to 2014!