YUI Open Roundtable this Thursday on Pure CSS

By YUI TeamJanuary 22, 2014

As we’ve been building things using Pure and getting feedback from other developers who are doing the same, it’s been clear that are pain-points with Pure and CSS in general that we can alleviate. The focus of our work over the last couple months has been around page layout and involves Pure Grids + tooling.

For this YUI Open Roundtable, we'd like to introduce you to the latest grid developments and tools that we've created to make CSS easier and more enjoyable to write.

  • Mobile-first Responsive Grid: The mobile-first responsive grid allows developers to create more robust layouts for all screen sizes. We revamped the entire Pure website to use the mobile-first grid system. rework-pure-grid: We created a rework plugin that makes it easy to create a customized grid for your project. This gets around the issue of unmutable media queries.
  • grunt-stripmq: We've been actively working on a grunt task that lets developers write mobile-first CSS, but still makes it possible for users on IE 8 and older browsers to view the desktop-version of your site. It's the best of both worlds!
  • grunt-css-selectors: This grunt plugin lets you mutate CSS selectors within your CSS file. This is how YUI consumes Pure, but we've generalized it to work with any CSS input.

If we have time, I'll also share some of the things we are planning to do next. Most of it has to do with preprocessors, semantic markup, and better integration with app code bases.

YUI Open Roundtable happens every Thursday at 2pm PST. For more information, check out the Open Roundtable Wiki. You can participate in the hangout, or simply watch the video stream live or later via the Open Roundtable playlist.

Hope to see you there!